Choosing the Right Communication Method

Choosing the Right Communication Method

  • It is extremely important to choose the correct communication method, and the steps to take in deciding which method would be the most appropriate for your brand.
  • Knowing your audience and analyzing the reason for your communication, can be a starting point deciding your communication method.
  • While online marketing can be best to create awareness among the youth, establishing credibility is best done through a Public Relations Agency, and advertising campaigns are still one of the best mediums for brand building.
  • There are several factors that go into deciding the right communication channel for you, and time spent on doing this right will come back with rewarding results.

There are many pitfalls of agencies that offer only a single service, and many ways that campaigns fail when a service is forced on a brand or a brand on a service. It is extremely important to choose the correct communication method, and the steps to take in deciding which method would be the most appropriate for the brand in discussion. As a leading live communications agency, entourage marketing & events has worked on many different brands and through many different mediums, have insight to the process, whether you are looking for a marketing agency, a public relations agency, or a creative advertising agency. This discussion will definitely also help if you are working with an agency and trying to choose the right communication method for the brand you are assigned.

Why do we “communicate”?

In order to understand the importance of choosing the correct method of communication to get your message across, let us first go back to the reasons of “why we communicate.” When we have a certain message that we need to relay, we set out to communicate our messages. We need these messages to reach the right people in order for our message to be deemed effective. Our messages need to have an impact and need to have a reason of existing; are you communicating to increase awareness about a product, service or solution? Are you communicating a message to build credibility? We each have a reason to communicate, and because humans have evolved to use sophisticated means of communication, there are so many different methods to choose from.  It goes without saying that if the right method of communication is not chosen, the message will not reach the right audiences, and is henceforth, ineffective.

How to Choose the Effective Means

As mentioned, due to the diversity of options, choosing the right method is extremely vital. Here is a few tips and facts that might make your choice of communication method more appropriate.

The Younger Generation is Online

It helps to know that when your message is aiming to reach the younger generation, that the younger generation uses the social media platforms excessively. Statistics show that Arab users under the age of 30 in the Middle East on Facebook are 68%. Nearly 45% of all social media users are under the age of 24. Statistics on social media show that in the Middle East, content is prone to going viral. Such opportunities should be optimized on; viral content is creative to create, fun to produce and communicates directly to the younger generation enthusiastically.

Public Relations Builds Credibility

It’s the oldest story in time, rather than telling people just how great you are, having a third party address the matter helps build your credibility. That’s where PR comes into the picture. When the brand you’re handling needs to address a crisis or to build trust, PR is the way to go. Many people trust newspapers, and what the media tells them, and utilizing the media to tell your brand’s story or perspective plays a really big role in creating credibility for that brand and gaining trust. Improving the image of your brand by understanding that PR is about maintaining relationships with people will further help you choose a public relations route in order to create PR stunts or PR stories that interact with the stakeholders of a brand.

Creative Advertising Helps Maintain a Brand 

Whereas creative advertising is definitely important in creating the basis for any brand, maintaining the brand through creative advertising is extremely helpful as well. Many advertisements turn to minimal element usage simply because brands have already built such a strong identity that a simple creative advertisement would speak to people without an explicit explanation. For example, the Nike “check-mark” and tagline “just do it” have become so familiar to people that no explanation is need. Hence, creative advertising for Nike is based on the brand’s strong suit, and maintaining it as a brand can be easily done. So our advice is that if you’re looking for a way to communicate a message for an already existing brand, like introducing a new line for that brand, then creative advertising would be a smart way to go.

There are many more factors that play a big role in deciding on a communication method, but these simplified tips can help you go a far way in choosing which would be the most appropriate for where you stand at a certain point.

The article is written by Mohammed Tayem for Arab Business Review

To read more thought-leadership stuff by leaders from Arab Region, please visit Arab Business Review


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